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Topic 19 Learning Objectives

Be able to: 

Define, compare and contrast, classify, differentiate, put in order, predict using, identify correct and incorrect examples of, identify correct and incorrect interpretations of, identify correct and incorrect applications of…the following terms:   

solubility product constant
molar solubility
common ion effect
ion product
formation constant – complexes
dissociation constant – complexes


Write solubility product constant (Ksp) expressions

Determine the Ksp from the solubility of a substance

Determine the solubility of a substance from its Ksp

Perform solubility calculations involving the common ion effect

Write ion product (Qc) expressions

Use ion products to predict precipitation

Recognize when the solubility of a substance will be affected by the pH

Given a set of substances, state which substances will be more soluble in acidic solutions than in water

Perform equilibrium calculations for the formation of a complex

Calculate the solubility of a slightly soluble salt in a solution of the complex ion