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Topic 21 Learning Objectives

Be able to: 

Define, compare and contrast, classify, differentiate, put in order, predict using, identify correct and incorrect examples of, identify correct and incorrect interpretations of, identify correct and incorrect applications of…the following terms:    

redox reaction
oxidation number                                    
electrochemical cell
voltaic cell, also called a galvanic cell
electrolytic cell
salt bridge
cell reaction
potential difference
lectromotive force
standard electrode potential (E°)
standard hydrogen electrode (SHE)
reduction potential
oxidation potential
standard reduction potential
Left-Right-Below Diagonal Rule
standard cell emf ’s (E°cell)
Faraday’s constant
free-energy-Faraday equation
Nernst equation
reaction quotient
electrolytic cell
redox titration


Balance redox reactions

Describe the construction of voltaic cells

Compare and contrast anodes and cathodes

Draw and label a voltaic cell

Use cell notation for voltaic cells

Determine the strengths of oxidizing and reducing agents

Put a list of species in order of increasing strength as an oxidizing agent or reducing agent

Predict the direction of spontaneity from standard electrode potentials

Write reactions in the direction of spontaneity using the “Left-Right-Below Diagonal Rule”

Use the Left-Right-Below Diagonal Rule to determine spontaneity for reactions already given

Combine half-reactions to determine standard cell emf ’s (E°cell)

Write cell reactions

Calculate free-energy changes from emf ’s

Calculate emf’s from free-energy changes

Calculate the equilibrium constant from emf ’s

Calculate Ecell under nonstandard conditions

Describe the electrolysis of various substances

Describe the electroplating of metals

Calculate stoichiometry problems involving electrolysis

Describe the similarities between acid-base titrations and redox titrations

Discuss the key points to redox titrations

Perform redox titration calculations