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Topic 6 Learning Objectives 

Be able to:

Define, compare and contrast, classify, differentiate, put in order, predict using, identify correct and incorrect examples of, identify correct and incorrect interpretations of, identify correct and incorrect applications of…the following terms:  

            hertz (s- 1)
            speed of light (c)
            electromagnetic radiation
            electric field component
            magnetic field component
            electromagnetic spectrum
            Planck’s theory
            quantum (the plural is quanta)
            photoelectric effect
            continuous spectrum
            line spectrum
            Bohr’s Postulates
            ground state for the hydrogen electron
            excited state
            the dual nature of the electron
            deBroglie’s proposals
            standing wave
            Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
            quantum mechanics
            Schroedinger equation
            electron density
            quantum numbers
            principal quantum number
            angular momentum quantum number
            magnetic quantum number
            spin quantum number

Calculate wavelength and frequency from each other

Calculate energy from frequency or wavelength

Go into detail about the observed shortcomings of classical physics and how it lead to quantum physics

Go into detail about Planck’s contributions

Go into detail about Einstein’s use of Planck’s theory

Go into detail about Bohr’s theory of the hydrogen atom and his explanation of the emission spectrum of hydrogen

Calculate the wavelength of the photon emitted when an electron transitions from one state to another

Go into detail about deBroglie’s proposals

Calculate the wavelength of a moving particle or object

Go into detail about Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

Go into detail about Ernst Schroedinger’s equation

Go into detail about each of the four quantum numbers