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I teach Advanced Placement Chemistry at West Brook High School in Beaumont, Texas.  Here are my resources for Advanced Placement Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Regular Chemistry.  Materials are organized by topic (for AP chemistry) and by unit (for Chemistry I).  They include outlines, learning objectives, notes, and handouts.

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Curriculum Vitae

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Chemistry I

Chemistry I (Regular and Pre-AP) is a first-year chemistry course designed to build on the concepts introduced in our 8th/9th grade IPC (Integrated Physics and Chemistry) course.  The pre-AP course is also planned to prepare students for the AP (Advanced Placement) chemistry course.

AP Chemistry

AP (Advanced Placement) Chemistry is designed to be the equivalent of the General Chemistry most colleges offer as a freshman level course.  Upon completion of the course, the AP student should have encountered the vast majority of content they will encounter in their General Chemistry class, regardless of the college or university they choose to attend.  Successful completion of AP Chemistry, along with a suitable performance on the AP Chemistry exam, may allow students to place out of General Chemistry.

Summer Work

If you are planning to take AP Chemistry in the fall you will need to have completed the required summer work before school begins.  Topic 1 will be tested the fifth day of class and Topic 2 will be tested the eighth day of class.  Follow the link to the left for outlines, learning objectives, notes, handouts, and worksheets that will help prepare you for these exams.

What's New
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